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Tips for Hybrid Board Meetings

Because of the constant concerns over in-person meetings, many nonprofit board members now adopt hybrid meeting options. For those governing bodies that opt to go with hybrid models in the future it is essential to prioritize engagement and provide high-quality virtual experiences for their attendees. Here are some key strategies for doing that:

Begin the meeting with games for ice-breakers or check-ins. This lets attendees feel more connected with their screens.

Use a top video conferencing software that offers more than only meeting tools and audio. Choose a software that has accessibility features, such as dyslexia-friendly and text-to speech, to ensure that all participants can participate fully without a barrier.

Think about using a shared digital whiteboard application such as Mural or Miro to enable remote and in-person participants to work in real-time during the meeting. This will allow all participants to be able to see each other, work together and create documentation that will make the process of synchronous follow-up much simpler.

When you’re working on the subject, set time limits for comments from both in-person and remote attendees to prevent them from drifting off topic or spending too much time on a single issue. This will help keep meetings on track and productive. It is crucial that the board chair be present during the meeting to encourage participation. The chair should also actively seek feedback from the group and engage with them, particularly introverts, to ensure that everyone feels heard.

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