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A Software Development World Game

A game of software development offers players a deep learning experience that allows them to develop, transform and implement a program. It is typically designed for students who want to become an expert computer system software developer.

Simulations of real-world technology and software are aplenty in video games nowadays. Minecraft players have created faux electronic devices with a mind-boggling level of complexity. Many video games have introduced elements of programming. Ozaria for instance, lets users design circuits by using draggable commands that mimic assembly language. Shenzhen I/O by Zachtronics can help coders see the interface between hardware and software and understand how computation happens at an intermediate level.

Screeps, another innovative game by Zachtronics, introduces JavaScript programming to a video game with a setting that resembles the tools used by developers in browsers, complete with scripts and a console. While it’s not intended for beginner coding experts, it does help introduce concepts like single-time actions, variables and loops to players who are comfortable with JavaScript. Robo Instructus allows players to write high-level commands that can be used by an in-game robotic character that navigates a path that is full of obstacles.

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