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What Is an Information Security Management System?

Information security management systems (ISMS) can help protect the data of your organisation by ensuring both security measures and policies that provide guidelines for employees who handle sensitive data. This includes implementing cybersecurity practices, conducting infosec training sessions and encouraging an environment where employees are accountable for data protection.

An ISMS also offers a framework which can be adapted to your particular organisation’s needs and industry regulations, as well as being verified and audited to ensure compliance. ISO 27001 may be the most popular ISMS standard but other standards, such as NIST for federal agencies, may be better kaspersky vs avast suited to your business.

Who is responsible for Information Security?

ISMS is not a solely IT initiative. It involves a wide spectrum of departments, staff and offices, such as human resources and the C-suite and marketing and sales, as well as customer service. This ensures that everyone is familiar with information security and that the proper protocols are followed.

Making an ISMS requires an exhaustive risk assessment, which is best conducted with an instrument for managing risk like vsRisk that enables you to quickly conduct assessments, present the results to make it easy to analyze and prioritize and maintain them each year. An ISMS also helps to reduce costs by enabling you to prioritize the most risky assets, which prevents indiscriminate spending on defense technologies and cuts down on downtime caused by cybersecurity incidents. This means lower OPEX, and CAPEX.

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