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The Benefits of Document Distribution Software

Document distribution software can help streamline the process of receiving and sending controlled documents. The system allows you to set up a standard work process, making it easier than ever. It can also assist you in complying with the regulatory requirements, such as those that involve documents Transmittals or Submittal Packages.

A DMS can import a variety of file types including paper documents that are then scanned into the system and converted to digital files. Or it can simply save files already stored on a computer in various formats, such as pdfs, microsoft word spreadsheets, excel spreadsheets, and so on. Certain systems use Optical Character Recognition to convert digital images into searchable files. In either case, the system can be used to organize, store and track all files.

The system makes it easier for employees to find the correct file. People often spend time looking through emails or switching between folders to find what they need. This can slow down projects and reduces productivity. Information can be quickly retrieved by using the correct DMS. This allows employees to focus their time on more important tasks that propel the business forward.

A customer service representative can be able to, for instance, respond to the client’s question about an invoice in just a few minutes. This is possible because of indexing, which allows files to be retrieved with any keyword search. The system also provides an account of every change to a file, which is essential for engineering and construction projects that undergo a variety of modifications during their lives.

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