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How Runn Makes Project Data Accessible, Accurate and Shareable

It can be difficult to keep the track of all the data when you’re working on projects. It’s likely that multiple team members will produce documents including spreadsheets, databases, and other documents that need to be shared. It is crucial that the information provided is easily accessible, accurate, and complete. It can be frustrating when multiple systems are unable to communicate or share information quickly.

A report is the simplest method to create data for use in projects. This is a great method to assess the project, document lessons learned and improve project outcomes. It’s also a great method to make information from the data available to team members who do not have access to the source data.

Data visualization tools allow you to go a step further. It doesn’t matter if it’s AI-powered heat maps that highlight project bottlenecks, or predictive line graphs that indicate estimated completion times for projects, these visualisations can be more effective than just providing the facts and figures.

Runn is a simple-to-use tool that helps you automate and deliver project information in a practical, shareable format. Having your project information in a readable format helps to include all stakeholders in the decision-making process and drives greater team efficiency. It also increases the probability of your data being used for good by providing people with a testable ideas to explore. Learn more about how Runn can transform the way you manage your projects. Start your 14-day free trial today.

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