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As remote work continues to shape the modern work landscape, virtual lunches have become a powerful tool for promoting team connection, collaboration, and well-being. The ability to come together virtually for lunch breaks provides teams with the social interactions they need to build strong relationships, enhance communication, and foster a sense of belonging. Incorporating virtual luncheons and lunch and learns further amplifies the benefits, offering structured opportunities for team-building, learning, and personal growth. By embracing the power of virtual lunches, organizations can create thriving remote work environments that prioritize teamwork, engagement, and productivity.

Your meeting budget is fixed and modest, so you need to be mindful of how to spend it. It should coerce organizations to build a sensible and efficient approach toward the quality and quantity of meetings. The 2 keys to making virtual work, well, work are building a killer remote team and using the right tools.

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From desk lunches to late-night snacks, DoorDash’s Expensed Meals offering is the most versatile. Show your team how much you care by giving them a monthly food ordering stipend they can use anytime, anywhere. Whether working remotely full-time or in a hybrid model, here are some options to keep your employees happy, healthy, and fed. Turning your virtual lunch into a pizza party can really take the energy and enthusiasm up a notch.

They showcase the versatility of salads, combining ingredients like quinoa, orzo, fresh herbs, and a variety of vegetables to create a symphony of taste and texture. These recipes are designed to provide a quick, refreshing, and healthful midday meal, ensuring that your work-from-home lunch is both satisfying and nutritious. Whip up this satisfying, budget-friendly peanut noodle dish for a quick and easy midweek meal. The Asian-inspired recipe takes just 20 minutes to make, so it’s great for busy days. Quick and flavourful noodles are perfect for remote workers looking for a convenient lunch option. These recipes transform basic instant noodles into gourmet dishes by adding fresh ingredients and flavourful sauces.

DashPass for Work: A comprehensive platform for virtual lunch

However, it can be easy to miss opportunities to recognize employees when you’re not in the same place. Research has long supported the idea that learning opportunities can be an effective tool to promote employee engagement. In one survey, 71 percent of respondents said training increases their job satisfaction, and 61 percent said upskilling opportunities influence their decision to stay at a job.

Additionally, the stress reduction and time savings employees experience working from home leaves employees feeling happier with their job — and less likely to leave. Offering your employees the option to work remotely can make them stick around your company because, as shown in stats mentioned earlier, most employees prefer having a work-from-home option. Circumstances employees may face while commuting to the office poses a risk to company productivity, too. Employees can get stuck in traffic jams, get into accidents, or face inclement weather (or all 3). Then, the pandemic came along and accelerated the virtual work trend. Many companies were forced to transition to remote work to keep employees safe.

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Alternatively, if you’re inviting people who are new to video conferencing, Whereby is a good option because it’s entirely web-based and doesn’t require an account or a downloaded app. All your guests need is to click a link to get into your virtual lunch and learn. Working remotely has provided employees all over the country with the freedom to dictate how they want to spend their lunch break. Americans are free to step away from their desks at home to perform domestic chores or break a sweat at the gym. The financial savings are also evident for those opting to prepare their own meals at home as opposed to dining out daily.

  • Everyone picks just two words that describe how they’re feeling today.
  • Yet those organizations that figure out how to engage remote employees stand to reap significant rewards.
  • DoorDash for Work’s Employee Gift Cards are a great way to give the gift of food for a job well done.
  • The financial savings are also evident for those opting to prepare their own meals at home as opposed to dining out daily.
  • For an informal lunch of one where you’re not looking to get into a drawn-out icebreaker, Zoom charades can be a great option.

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